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Laptop Repair

Does your screen look like this?

Cracked Screen

Left your phone on the kepybard and closed the lid? Don't worry, we can fix that!
The cost to replace a broken screen is $150 plus parts. Most screens are about $80.
We will pick up the laptp and remove the bad screen. Once we have the screen out, we can verify the part number to order an exact replacement. The parts should arive in 2-4 days, and we can usually repace the screen the same day we receive the parts.

Does your battery die after 2 minutes? Have a broken wire on your power supply?
We can replace those too! Call us today with the make and model and we can give you a quote over the phone in minutes.

Do you need more memory? We got you covered!
We are experts at laptop repair. We service all makes and models from corporate to residential. All our technicians are A+ certified.

We can also help with the removal of viruses, spyware, and malware. We can tune your laptop to restore it to peak performance.

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