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Have you been infected with a Virus?

At Irwin Electronics, we are EXPERTS at Virus Removal serving the Phoenix Metro area.

It is very difficult to detect and remove many viruses from within Windows, as the viruses hide themselves, and thwart removal attempts. We boot your computer into an alternate OS, usually Linux, and from there we can scan all files on your drive. Without the virus running, it is impossible to hide, and cannot block removal tools.

Our initial diagnostic is free. Due to the time it takes to fully scan a drive, we may ask to pick up your computer and bring it to our shop, where we can monitor the scan. This process usually takes 2 or 3 hours. Once all of the damaged files have been detected and cleaned, we will allow the computer to boot back into Windows. Many viruses also attack the Windows services such as Windows Update, Windows Defender, and the Firewall. We will test and verify the security processes are fully functional. Next we will verify you have a quality anti-virus installed and that it is working properly. If not, we will install one at no additional charge. We also install anti-malware software.

If the virus has damaged the Operating System, we will make every attempt to repair it. Most times we are successful, but not always. The Sirefif virus is one example that simply causes too much destruction to the registry.

Our worst case service fee is $240. We will not know how much damage has been done to the Windows Operating System until the remediation is complete, and it is safe to boot Windows. All it takes is one registry entry remaining for Windows to automatically download and re-install the virus. Beware of companies that say they can remove a virus in 30 minutes for $50. It may very well be removed when they're done, but it is highly likely to return!

Occasionaly we will need to make an image of your drive as-is to save your data. We will then reformat the drive and re-install Windows. We will ensure all of the Windows Updates apply properly, install anti-virus software, and restore your documents, pictures, music, etc. We will install the latest flash player and Java. If you have Office we will reinstall that as well, provided you have a valid license key. We tune Windows for speed, security, and stability.

In any case, our Tune-up is part of the remediation process. This alone improves the performance of your computer up to 300%!

We provide the most comprehensive service with competitive rates. We will spend more time and do more work than anyone else. Why? Because it's the right thing to do! At Irwin Electronics we make old computers run like new.
(Usually BETTER than new)

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